This site is about aquaponics and permaculture, to share what I have learned about sustainable food production systems. I am currently focusing on the construction of a 2,200 gallon aquaponics system at the Evergreen State College. This system will facilitate the growth of organic fruits, vegetables and fish in a closed loop.  


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Articles that I have written while exploring how to design and build aquaponics systems. Currently this blog is focusing on the construction of a 2200 gallon system at the Evergreen State College. See the design, updates on current progress and pictures.

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  1. I am new to aquapontics and just built my first IBC tank. I have been cycling for about 3 weeks and have not seen any Nitrate numbers yet. I know it takes up to 6 weeks but I would like to get it moving faster if possible. My question is can i drain the system and use water from my neighbors pond to start the system? I have heard this is a great way to start the IBC system but I am not sure if the pond water is safe because my neighbor has cattle. If I get the water from the center of the large pond will that make a difference? Any advice will be most appreciated.

    • I wouldn’t use water from your neighbors pond, you wouldn’t have any idea what you would be bringing into your system. I don’t think where you get your water from the pond would make any difference. Are you using ammonia to cycle your system? You could also try to inoculate your system. I would recommend picking up a product called biozyme from your local pet/aquarium store. It costs around $10. It can give you the jumpstart on populating your system with the right bacteria. Good Luck!

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